Our Bespoke Services

At Gates Railings Direct, we manufacture wrought iron gates, railings and handrails straight from our own factory in the West Midlands. We’ve been trading since 1946, with our current close-knit and dedicated team bringing multiple decades’ worth of combined experience to each project.  As a mail-order service, we specialise in delivering bespoke, made-to-order products and […]

Why Wrought Iron Gates Are A Good Investment

The gates of your home are generally the first thing your visitors see, so make that first impression count! This is why your gates should add beauty to your home as well as enhanced security and practicality. For this reason, wrought iron gates are the perfect investment for your home. Here are the many reasons […]

Four Costly Misconceptions About Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates have long been associated with wealthy people. However, it is far from the truth that only rich people can afford them.  These days, with prices falling into a wide range of budgets, wrought iron gates are now within many people’s affordability. This means that most homeowners can increase the kerb appeal of […]

Why vacant properties should have well-secured gates

There is no question that these days all properties benefit greatly from well thought out security features.  Well-secured wrought iron style gates and railings are a great addition to any security scheme.  Vacant properties, in particular, can be more vulnerable to break in as the burglar stands less chance of being caught in the act.  […]

Gates Railings Direct Covid-19 Status

Dear Gates Railings Direct customers and website visitors, As the uncertainly around COVID-19 continues, we want to reassure you that we are complying with the latest government instructions as we continue to operate our business. This means that we are still preparing quotations and taking customer orders. See below for an extensive list of the […]

How are wrought iron railings made?

To customer’s exact requirements including dimensions, configuration/layout.  Example may be that a customer has a raised terrace in the garden for which they require railings to go all the way round and may include a small entrance gate in the layout.  The manufacturing process must ensure that once installed the finished result has symmetry when […]

Why you should choose “Gates Railings Direct” to buy wrought iron gates and railings

Are you ready to purchase wrought iron gates and railings for your property? Are you wondering where the best place to purchase them would be? Well, look no further than Gates Railings Direct. We are a company with a fabulous reputation throughout the UK.  You don’t need to own a mansion to purchase a wrought […]