Our company was established in 1946. Trading as Brettell Brothers Ltd from our own factory in the West Midlands, our sole function was manufacturing and selling products to retailers throughout the country. These included tin baths, galvanized steel coal bunkers and manhole covers. As the years passed, our company grew and our product range diversified. As the demand for certain products decreased we turned to crafting of wrought iron style gates, railings, handrails and balustrades.

We identified pretty early on that demand for these ironworks was growing, both from homeowners and developers. We designed and launched a small collection of decorative ironworks to sell directly to the public. We later chose the trading style “Gates Railings Direct” because the name better reflects our products and is easier to remember. Even for those who are not familiar with our company, they see our name and immediately know what we sell. But we wanted to maintain a nod to both our heritage and continuous trading history so we adopted the trading style Brettell Brothers Ltd T/A Gates Railings Direct.

We have gone from strength to strength as our customer base has grown to include developers, landscapers, builders and various other trades. It goes without saying that we are grateful to our retail customers who placed their faith in us to manufacture their ironworks over the years, so helping us to grow into the business we have today.