Is metal a good option for driveway gates?

The most commonly used materials for driveway gates are metal and wood, and this has been something that has remained consistent for decades. While both options have excellent features which would complement most properties, an increasing number of people are selecting metal versions. Once again, this can again present different choices, with wrought iron, stainless steel and aluminium appealing for differing reasons.

However, for the ultimate blend of classic and contemporary, made to measure wrought iron gates are arguably the best option. They provide a combination of beauty and security that can’t be replicated by other materials and give property owners peace of mind and the pleasure of knowing that their property is pleasing to the eye. As one of the leading manufacturers of driveway gates in the West Midlands, we believe that you should always choose metal for your driveway gates, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Aesthetically pleasing and robust

A precision-made wrought iron gate requires little ongoing maintenance except for a periodic coat of paint, and this will ensure that it looks exceptional in years and decades to come. The trends with quality gates have barely altered through the ages, so you can be confident that it will always be desirable. Of course, metal offers strength that can be matched by other materials giving you the security you demand.

Choice of designs

There are hundreds of different designs that you could select, ranging from simple bars to elaborate designs that make a bold statement about your home — many gates choosing an eclectic blend of plain and simple combined with more creative elements within the structure. A reputable company will present you with visuals of potential models that match your tastes and, perhaps more importantly, your budget.

Ongoing maintenance

Both wrought iron and stainless steel can be prone to rust if they aren’t protected and exposed to the elements. For this reason, many people choose galvanised gates or factory powder-coated gates, which, although more expensive, provide a higher level of protection. We believe that this is a wise investment, although you could periodically paint the gates using specialist paint such as Hammerite as an alternative. 

Aware of visitors and potential intruders

Although wooden gates provide more privacy in many ways as they are generally solid, it does stop you from seeing who is approaching your house. The increased visibility can deter any would-be intruders while it is also easier to keep a lookout for any more welcome guests. 

Little impact on the environment

Most modern metal gates are constructed with recycled metals meaning that they have minimal impact on the environment. Solid wood gates such as oak often require the felling of trees which are sometimes centuries old.


There is often little difference in the cost between hardwood gates and wrought iron gates, and indeed, we often receive positive feedback that they are more affordable than people imagined. Of course, the more you spend, the more ornate and robust your gates are likely to be, but this is down to personal preference.


Metal is without doubt one of the best options when it comes to driveways gates. A specialist company will create bespoke gates that will complement your home for decades to come.

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