Our Bespoke Services

At Gates Railings Direct, we manufacture wrought iron gates, railings and handrails straight from our own factory in the West Midlands. We’ve been trading since 1946, with our current close-knit and dedicated team bringing multiple decades’ worth of combined experience to each project. 

As a mail-order service, we specialise in delivering bespoke, made-to-order products and pride ourselves on our outstanding quality, service and communication with you every step of the way. We understand that it’s a great leap of faith to order a gate, railing or handrail when you can’t see it being made. Which is why, when working with us, we’ll ensure that communication with you is paramount and whatever questions you have, we’ll be more than happy to help. 

We’ve made sure that our process is lightning fast without sacrificing quality. You simply select your product, include your dimensions, style and finish and you’ll receive a fully itemised quote within two working days – no waiting for weeks on end. Our prices are competitive with off-the-shelf competitors and there won’t be ANY hidden charges when working with us — all of our quotations and website prices include VAT. 

On top of this, as our products are made-to-order, you won’t have to worry about ordering a wrought iron gate, railing or handrail at a template size and cutting it down to your requirements. The sizes on our website are there to give you an indication of our costing structure but are by no means the only options available — just tell us what size you want and that’s exactly what we’ll construct!

We understand that if you’re new to the area of wrought ironworks, it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for or if you’re working on a project and aren’t quite there with your design, you may need advice as to the best product for you. 

That’s why, with any questions you have, our technical director, Anthony Brettell, is more than happy to assist you, just a phone call away. He can assist you, for example, if you need any help measuring for, ordering or fitting your ironwork. 

Both our directors, Anthony and Paul Brettell, each have over 30 years’ experience and are happy to assist with any technical query you may have. In the past, we’ve helped customers with unconventional site layouts, designed ironworks to fit uneven walls and openings and constructed specially curved, angled and cutout railings to fit around trees. 

Our techniques and the materials we use are first-rate, with every product custom made by hand. Everything we make towards our exceptional standards uses the best quality materials; the components we source are from trusted local suppliers, each of which have been in their respective business for several decades. We do not sell ready-made gates imported from overseas.

For more information or any questions, email us at [email protected] or call us at either 01384 392300. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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