How are wrought iron railings made?

  • To customer’s exact requirements including dimensions, configuration/layout.  Example may be that a customer has a raised terrace in the garden for which they require railings to go all the way round and may include a small entrance gate in the layout.  The manufacturing process must ensure that once installed the finished result has symmetry when viewed from different angles. Even what might appear to be a straightforward run of railings will be manufactured by our skilled fabricators to the customers’ measurements to ensure a perfect fit.  
  • We work in millimetres for greater accuracy during the design and fabrication process.  We work closely with customers and advise them how to measure correctly so we can achieve this accuracy.
  • When a customer has confirmed style, dimensions, finish (e.g. hot dip galvanizing, powder coating etc) a Bill of Materials (BOM) is made up, signed and checked by the two directors and sent to the factory for fabrication to commence
  • Railheads and decorative components such as circles etc are used from bought in stock and welded onto bars by hand
  • All vertical infill bars and top and bottom horizontal rails are cut to size by hand from stocks of wrought iron kept in our factory.  They are cut by hand using traditional old fashioned and very heavy duty machinery, much of which has been on site for decades
  • Once all bars and components are cut they are laid out on a bench to ensure the correct spacing, number of parts etc are present to achieve the required finished dimensions of the product
  • This is checked and signed off by another fabricator before welding commences
  • Once welding has finished all weld joints are inspected and finished by hand e.g. filed/smoothed
  • The railing is then cleared for the next stage, which is the coating, either primer/undercoat which is spray painted on site, hot dip galvanizing or powder coating, both of which are done by our specialist suppliers to the relevant British Standards
  • Railings returned from the galvanizers are thoroughly checked in our factory. Sometimes during the galvanizing process, small beads of zinc attach to the surface of the railing.  It is these that we look out for so they can be completely smoothed out before the railing is sent for powder coating
  • Upon return from powder coating the railings are given a final inspection before being packaged securely ready for despatch to the customer 

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