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Metal Posts

Metal Posts
Gate and Railing Posts Our gate and railing posts are functional and well made.  As with all of our other products they are made to order using sturdy materials and the generous dimensions will add strength and support to your ironworks scheme.  With bolt down or concrete in options available you can choose the application that best suits your layout.  They come with a flat top as standard but both railing and gate posts can be finished off with a decorative top. Gate Posts Our gate posts are made as both hanging and latch posts.  Don’t forget to let us know the direction of the hang and swing of your gate when placing your order so we can configure your posts and gate fixings correctly.  We normally manufacture the gate posts using 50mm, 75mm or 100mm square hollow section (SHS) steel. They have a flat top as standard but can be fitted with decorative post tops, click here to see our range or contact us if you have a particular post top in mind. As a rule of thumb, we would recommend the following: Posts in 50mm SHS are suitable for single gates measuring 914mm (3ft) high Posts in 75mm SHS are suitable for:
  • Single gates measuring 1220mm (4ft) high
  • Single gates measuring 1830mm (6ft) high
  • Double gates measuring 914mm (3ft) high
  • Double gates measuring 1220mm (4ft) high
Posts in 100mm SHS are suitable for double gates measuring 1830mm (6ft) high Whilst the height and weight of your gates is a factor to consider when choosing the dimensions of your posts it may be possible to have narrower posts if that is your preference.  Please contact us for advice. Compatibility of our Gate Posts We are sometimes asked if our posts are suitable for existing gates that have been bought elsewhere and are already in situ.  We can only manufacture posts for existing gates if we have the gates in our factory so we can ensure that lugs and other fittings line up exactly with the gates.  We regret to say that if you are unable to get your gates shipped to us it is unlikely that we will be able to help in this situation. Railing Posts Railing posts are available as intermediate, end and corner posts.  As with our gate posts, we manufacture both bolt down and concrete in versions.  They are made to order using 50mm SHS steel and come with a flat top as standard.  If you prefer narrower posts for aesthetic reasons please contact us for advice.  All of our railing posts can be fitted with railheads/finials to match your railings or decorative post tops, please click here to see the our range or contact us if you have something in mind that is not shown on our website. Technical Advice Whatever your requirements, if you need to talk them through just give us a call.  Anthony Brettell, our Technical Director is always happy to share his knowledge and advise you whether that is about styles, finishes, measurements, dimensions, layouts and more.
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