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We offer outstanding quality at sensible prices on gates, railings, handrails, Juliette balconies and balustrades.  We make everything to order in bespoke sizes for you.  We also sell our best selling galvanized coal bunker and animal feed storage bins.

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We have been in business for over 70 years

We offer outstanding quality at sensible prices on our wrought iron gates, wrought iron railings, wrought iron handrails, Juliette balconies and balustrades. We make everything available to order in bespoke sizes for you. With so much variety, we have gates and railings in styles to suit most tastes.


Our company started life as Brettell Brothers Ltd (Est. 1946) and we had our own factory in the West Midlands. Our sole function was manufacturing and selling our products to retailers throughout the country. As the years passed, our company grew and our product range diversified with the addition of wrought iron style gates, railings and other wrought iron style products.

We identified pretty early on that demand for gates and railings was growing, both from homeowners and developers. As the trend for enhancing security around homes and other premises was set to gather pace we designed and launched a small collection of decorative ironworks to sell directly to the public. We later chose the trading style “Gates Railings Direct” because this name better reflects our products and is easier for people to remember. Even for those who are not familiar with our company, they see our name and immediately know what we sell.

Choice of styles and price ranges

Our gates and railings are available in popular and attractive designs. We offer a variety of styles in different price ranges, so there’s something to suit all budgets. We have wrought iron gates and railings in our Standard Range, Select Range, a beautiful and substantially proportioned Elite Range and our exciting Contemporary Range.

Made to measure for a perfect fit

With so many gate and railing companies to choose from you might ask how we differ from the competition. Unlike others, we do not restrict potential customers to standard off the shelf sizes of ironworks. Because ours are made to order, you will get a perfect fit without having to cut, pack out or alter your products. We know that every customer has different sized walls etc and no two requirements are alike. So, we won’t begin manufacturing until we have finalised the dimensions required to millimetre accuracy. Anthony, our Technical Director, is there to guide you through this process if you need help.  Simply provide us with measurements and we’ll make your ironworks to suit for off the shelf prices. In other words, you’ll receive bespoke ironworks without the bespoke price tag.


We have painstakingly designed our gate and railing products so they are easily installed. It isn’t necessary to have prior experience, as we say if you can use a drill, spirit level and a spanner you should be good to go. Of course, not everyone has the time or inclination to fit their products.

If you live in the London area and would like a measurement and installation service we can probably help with that too. We work in association with Angus Morley of Garden Solutions and Ciprian Ichim of The DaVinci Ideas and Concepts. Angus runs a successful garden design and construction company based in Ealing while Ciprian’s company offers professional garden design and property maintenance services across Central London postcodes.

There’s no better time to browse through our various wrought iron style products, we have a wide selection to choose from. But if you cannot find the size or specification you need then please call us on 01384 392300 to discuss your requirements. Based on the information you provide, we will send you a competitive quotation within two working days.


We ship to all locations across the UK. We also ship overseas by special arrangement. Please call us for details.

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