GRD 2 Double Gates with Dog Bars


We manufacture all our wrought iron style gates to order using 12mm solid vertical steel bars spaced at 100mm (4″) as standard.  The framework will be made to suit the size of the gate you specify in your order.  All gate sizes quoted are gap sizes not the actual size of the gate(s).  We will calculate all allowances for brackets, hinges, clearances etc.  Please see How to Measure Accurately for further advice.   Please see individual gate styles for dimensions of railheads.

As our wrought iron style gates and railings are individually hand made to order they may differ slightly from the images shown on our website.

Our gates are supplied with all the fixings required so they are ready to fit as soon as they arrive.

Included in your free fixing pack:

  • fixing brackets
  • hinges
  • latches
  • drop bolts (double gates only)

Not included in your fixing pack are:

  • Nuts or bolts for fixing into brickwork or the ground

Please note that with the exception of our Kingston Hairpin style we make all 914mm (3ft) and 1220mm (4ft) high metal gates with one row of decoration, and the 1830mm (6ft) high metal gates with two rows of decoration.


Metal posts are made using 50mm square hollow section steel tube with at least an extra 450mm (18”) allowed for concreting into the ground as standard.   For larger gates we will allow at least an extra 600mm (24”) for concreting into the ground using either 75mm or 100mm square hollow section steel tube depending on the size of the gate(s) in question.


Our wrought iron style railings are manufactured from 12mm solid vertical steel bars spaced at

Regent Railing

100mm (4″) with 30mm x 8mm (1.25” x 0.25”) cross rails.  All sizes quoted are gap sizes.  We will calculate all allowances for brackets, hinges, clearances etc.  Please see our How to Measure Accurately page for further advice.   Please see individual railing styles for dimensions of railheads.  As our wrought iron style railings are individually handmade to order they may differ slightly from the images shown on our website.  We provide all nuts, bolts, washers and brackets necessary in order to fit your railing panels together but we do not supply the bolts for fixing them to walls or grounds etc.


Intermediate and Corner Railing Posts Concreted In

All posts are made using 50mm square hollow section steel tube.  They are available with an additional 450mm (18”) allowed for concreting into the ground or with a 150mm square base plate for bolting to the top of a wall, slabs or concrete surfaces etc.

Intermediate and Corner Railing Posts Bolted Down

Smaller base plates are available upon request.  All posts are supplied with a flat top unless a decorative post top has been ordered as an additional extra. For customers who require the appearance of a continuous run of railings we can make make narrower intermediate posts topped with a matching railhead.  Please mention this when you request your itemised quote.


As mentioned above, fittings for our wrought iron style gates and railings are included free of charge (with the exception of bolts for fixing railings to the wall or ground etc which we do not provide). Your pack will include fixing brackets, hinges, latches and nuts and bolts.  Lockable drop bolts for our double gates are also supplied free of charge.


Ground Fixed Handrail

Made using 40mm x 10mm D shaped bar with scrolled ends for the handrail.  Handrails that are to be concreted into the ground are fully adjustable so they can be tilted to any angle to suit.  They are supplied complete with 40mm square steel posts.  Handrails to be fixed to a wall are supplied complete with decorative fixing brackets measuring 200mm high x 105mm wide x 90mm deep.

Sizes are from 914mm (3ft) long to 3658mm (12ft) long.  All handrails over 2438mm (8ft) long are made in two sections which bolt together with a discrete counter sink bolt supplied with each order.


Matte Black Painted Finish – Our Standard Finish

Standard (Primer) Finish

Please store your products indoors if you are unable to paint them right away otherwise they will succumb to rust which is a natural trait of metal.

Hot Dip Galvanized

The only anti corrosion protection for metal is galvanizing.  Our wrought iron products are hot dip galvanized to British Standard BS EN ISO 1461 and is carried out by Edward Howell one of our trusted suppliers who we have dealt with for many years.

Hot Dip Galvanized Finish

Our supplier uses the hot dip galvanizing method whereby metal products are completely immersed in a bath of molten zinc.  This provides an anti corrosion coating that leaves a bright silver appearance and protects the metal from rusting for  70 years.  If you would like your products galvanized this option should be chosen prior to checkout and will cost approximately 30% extra.  Powder coating can be applied on top of the galvanizing to give the ever popular black satin finish.  Other colours pf powder coating are available upon request, a surcharge will apply.  Hot dip galvanizing coupled with powder coating is our top specification finish.

Powder Coated

Powder Coated Finish on Windsor Single Gate with Dog Bars

Our powder coating is carried out to BS EN ISO 13438 by Aspect Powder Coatings Ltd, one of the leading powder coating suppliers in the country.  They have been coating our ironworks for over 10 years.  Our ironworks are taken through a ten stage pre treatment process before powder coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder.  The coating is then cured by heat allowing it to flow and form a skin.

Ordinarily, powder coating produces a much harder and thicker coating than conventional paint.  Aspect Powder Coatings Ltd exceeds the minimum requirement of an average coating thickness of 60 microns and instead provides an average of 80 microns.  This means that when you order your powder coated ironworks from us you are assured of a beautiful and luxuriant satin finish.  The photograph below shows the effect of weathering on poor quality powder coating, it has blistered and peeled to expose the bare metal beneath which has itself succumbed to rust.

Poor Quality Powder Coating

Please note that powder coating alone will not protect your ironworks from rust.  Whilst our powder coating is a high quality finish and provides some resistance to corrosion, rust will begin to appear over time meaning that periodically you will need to rub the paintwork down and touch it up using enamel paint suitable for external metal surfaces.  Please note that when rust does show through it would not normally be more than spotting which is easily smoothed out and repainted.

All nuts, bolts and gate eye bolts are zinc coated and therefore will be silver when you receive them.  If you have requested powder coating your bolts will not be coated as this interferes with the threads where the paint collects in the grooves.  If you prefer your bolts to be the same colour as your railings we advise you to paint the heads only once they are in situ.


Our coal bunkers, corn/storage bins, flat pack planters and dual fuel storage bins are hand made to order using 24 gauge galvanized sheet steel.  Because our products are handmade all sizes quoted are approximate.  All sheet metal products are easily assembled by sliding sections together.  Full assembly instructions are provided in each pack and can also be downloaded from our website from the Help section.

Coal Bunkers                     

Small Galvanized Coal Bunker

Our coal bunkers feature a unique stay rigid design and come with a hinged lid and metal base.  There is a sliding front door and a baffle plate to brace the bunker against the weight of the coal.


Small – holds approximately 250kg (5cwt) = 740mm wide x 515mm deep x 890mm high
Large – holds approximately 500kg (10cwt) = 1120mm wide x 670mm deep x 890mm high

Dual Fuel Storage Bins   

Popular with stove owners these 10cwt capacity bins are divided into two sections by a centre partition so you can store logs on one side and coal on the other.

Galvanized Dual Fuel Bunker One Door

They have a hinged lid and sliding hatch at the front.  We make them in one and two sliding hatch door versions.  All bins have a metal base raised slightly from the floor allowing air to circulate to help keep fuels dry.


Large – holds approximately 500kg (10cwt) = 1160mm wide x 715mm deep x 900mm high

Corn/Storage Bins            

These storage bins have a hinged lid fitted with a hasp and staple to accommodate a padlock.

Large Galvanized Corn Storage Bin

All bins have a metal base and can be used for animal feed, logs or general outdoor storage.  Galvanized partitions are available to divide the bins into two equal sized sections and we would recommend using one partition in the small bin and two in the large bin.


Small – 740mm wide x 515mm deep x 890 high

Large – 1120mm wide x 670mm deep x 890 high

Water Carriers

Our water carrier comes complete with its own frame and two pneumatic wheels making it very easy to manoeuvre.

Water Carrier 30 Gallon Capacity

The butt has a spout and handle, swings on the frame for ease of pouring and can be removed from the frame if required.

The butt is made from galvanized steel and the frame has a black primer finish.


30 gallons

Tin Baths

Tin Bath Herb Garden

Handmade in the old fashioned way using 24 gauge galvanized steel.  Seams are sealed with silicone sealant.


36” long x 20” wide x 12” high

48” long x 20” wide x 12” high

54” long x 20” wide x 12” high