Four Costly Misconceptions About Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates have long been associated with wealthy people. However, it is far from the truth that only rich people can afford them.  These days, with prices falling into a wide range of budgets, wrought iron gates are now within many people’s affordability. This means that most homeowners can increase the kerb appeal of […]

Why vacant properties should have well-secured gates

There is no question that these days all properties benefit greatly from well thought out security features.  Well-secured wrought iron style gates and railings are a great addition to any security scheme.  Vacant properties, in particular, can be more vulnerable to break in as the burglar stands less chance of being caught in the act.  […]

Why you should choose “Gates Railings Direct” to buy metal gates and railings

Are you ready to purchase metal gates and railings for your property? Are you wondering where the best place to purchase them would be? Well, look no further than Gates Railings Direct. We are a company with a fabulous reputation throughout the UK.  You don’t need to own a mansion to purchase a metal gate […]

Why metal gates are great for home security

There are many ways you can enhance the security of your home. Some popular options include surveillance cameras, guard dogs, and deadbolt locks on external doors. In addition to these effective security features, you could also install a gate. Whilst a wooden gate may seem a cost-effective choice it may not offer the best protection […]

Four things to consider when buying metal railings

Metal railing is the strongest type of boundary fencing you can purchase. It is a good deterrent to prevent  people from entering your property or sitting on your boundary wall. With many different styles available it can add a decorative finishing touch so your home, whilst being more secure, does not look like a fortress. […]