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As with all of our other wrought iron products our elegant handrails are specially made to order.  With lovely sweeping scrolled ends they are available in either wall fix or ground fix configurations, please specify which you require prior to checkout.
Handrails up to eight feet in length are supplied in one piece whilst longer ones will be sent in two pieces to be joined together with a discreet countersink bolt supplied by us.  In these cases the joining ends of the handrails are machine cut to give a nice square edge.  One end will have a countersink hole pre-drilled and the other end has a lug welded to the underside allowing the countersink bolt to join the two pieces together.
Sizes quoted are the overall measurements including the scrolled ends which measure 120mm wide.  Please contact us for a quote if you require a different size to those shown on our website.

Wall Fix Handrail

Made to order using 40mm x 12mm D shaped bar and decorative fixing brackets measuring 200mm high x 105mm wide x 90mm deep.  The elegant scrolled ends are 120mm wide.
They can be fitted at any angle with the brackets supplied.  The maximum projection of the handrail is 110mm measured from the wall to the outside edge of the scroll.

Ground Fix Handrail

Made to order using 40mm x 12mm D shaped bar.  With the same sweeping scrolled ends as our wall fix handrail, they can be be concreted in or bolted to the ground.  The bolt down handrail is supplied with a base plate measuring 150mm square x 6mm thick, smaller baseplates are available on request.  For optimum stability we would recommend that the concrete in handrail is fitted with the posts set at 900mm above ground leaving 450mm for sinking into the ground.  The 40mm square vertical steel posts are approximately 1350mm long.
The handrail itself has lugs welded to the underside that bolt to the lugs welded to the top of the posts by means of the bolts and nylock nuts supplied.  This system allows the customer to tilt the handrail to the desired angle.
Handrails up to six feet in length come with two posts, seven, eight, nine and 10 feet with three posts, and 11 and 12 feet are supplied with four posts.
The handrail is designed to overhang the posts at each end by approximately 300mm (as measured from the end of the handrail to the centre of the bracket).


Matte Black Painted Primer – Standard Finish
This is a good quality spray painted primer designed to act as a base coat for finishing by the customer with paint suitable for exterior metal surfaces. Please note that this primer alone is not weatherproof and will need to be painted before attaching any fixings or placing outdoors. If you require rustproof protection we would recommend hot dip galvanizing and powder coating. Unless your ironworks are galvanized rust will begin to show through over time. This is not a fault but is a natural trait of steel.
Hot Dip Galvanizing
This is a protective coating that is carried out to British Standard BS EN ISO 1461. It provides rustproof protection for 70 years. Please note that hot dip galvanized products have a bright silver/grey appearance that, if left unpainted, will weather over time. Our galvanized products may have a slightly uneven colour and texture due to the fine finishing we carry out by hand. We do this to smooth out small burrs or shards of zinc that naturally occur during the galvanizing process. This does not diminish the protective properties provided by the galvanizing. Please bear this in mind if you order galvanized only products that you are not going to paint.
If you would like a black finish you can either coat your product with paint suitable for exterior metal surfaces, or choose powder coating, black satin as standard, prior to checkout. Other colours of powder coating are available for a surcharge, please email us with your requirements.
Powder Coating
Provides a much harder finish than conventional paint. Our powder coating is applied to an average thickness of 80 microns, exceeds the industry standard of 60 microns and complies with British Standards BS EN ISO 13438. Comes in a high quality black satin finish giving a lustrous sheen. Other colours of powder coating are available for a surcharge, please email us with your requirements.
Unless your ironworks are galvanized before powder coating, rust will begin to show through over time though this may not happen for several years depending on the surrounding environment. This is not a fault but is a natural trait of steel and any rust spots that appear on powder coated goods can be sanded down and touched up with paint suitable for exterior metal surfaces.
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