What makes gate design traditional or modern?

We get several clients coming to us who know that they want a wrought iron gate, but they are unsure of the design that they would like. We understand that this can be challenging, and you need to take several factors into account, not least the age and configuration of your property. You will need something in keeping with your property so aesthetically, it looks right, but you also need to consider the practical aspects. You will need to think about if the gates you like can be physically installed and provide the security you desire.

As with most things, the designs have changed significantly over the years, but we believe in manufacturing both traditional and modern design iron gates. However, what makes a design traditional or contemporary, and which one is suitable for your home?

What gates would be classed as “traditional”?

If you have an older, more traditional property, it makes sense that you will want a design that complements the existing façade. Traditional gate styles tend to be more ornate and have more elaborate designs compared to contemporary designs. When you see gates with more sweeping features such as swan neck gates, lattice topped gates or other decorative wrought iron gates; these would be classed as being “traditional”.

Of course, it is not only the design of your property that will determine the style of gates that you want; your personal preferences will also enter the equation. Even on more modern homes, Georgian designs, which tend to be more decorative, are popular and never really go out of fashion. Likewise, all designs incorporating swan neck designs remain popular, although they would undoubtedly be regarded as “traditional” as they are often associated with properties from the 1930s.

What gates would be classed as “modern”?

Gates that are more minimalist or simple would be regarded as “modern” designs. Rather than being more ornate, they usually feature straight lines, often described as “cleaner”. Modern gates would rarely include curves or decorative features, and you would expect flat tops, and if there were any designs incorporated into the gate, they would usually be more angular and less complicated.

Modern gates suit modern properties and tend to look out of place on older homes such as Georgian houses, although some designers would argue that they fit any architectural design. Obviously, this comes down to personal preference, but choosing a colour that complements your property, regardless of its age, is something that you need to consider. Black is an ideal choice for older properties, while more modern buildings may prefer to go for something white or even has a chrome finish.

Can I combine the two?

As we make bespoke wrought iron gates, we can create any design that you want and indeed, it is relatively common for people to request modern designs that include a few more traditional twists. If you are unsure what would suit your property, our designers are more than happy to offer advice and discuss the available options.

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