Why vacant properties should have well-secured gates

There is no question that these days all properties benefit greatly from well thought out security features.  Well-secured wrought iron style gates and railings are a great addition to any security scheme.  Vacant properties, in particular, can be more vulnerable to break in as the burglar stands less chance of being caught in the act.  They may target vacant homes with no gates or railings because they can walk onto the property unhindered and gain unlawful entry. 

A well-secured gate and railing system is invaluable because the average burglar prefers not to spend time navigating their way around the boundary of a property if it is protected by gates and railings.  They need to be in and out in as little time as possible if they are to avoid being apprehended.

If you are considering buying a new gate that will be the main entry onto your property it would be prudent to make it as secure as your budget allows. There are many locking systems to choose from including lockable drop bolts, five lever locks and keypad entry systems.  With keypad locks, we would strongly advise property owners to choose the double-sided type.  Some of these locks have a keypad on the outside with a release handle on the inside to make it easier for the property owner to get out.  However, this also makes it easier for intruders to gain access as they can simply reach through the bars of a wrought iron gate and release the lock by using the handle, a double-sided keypad is much more secure.  As for the height of the gate, the taller the better, a tall gate will be another deterrent because it requires extra time and agility to climb over.  It is also worth noting that your security can be improved further by choosing gates with pointed railheads or finials.  This style choice would make any would-be burglar think twice about climbing over.  But do not be concerned that your house will look fortress like.  Paired with matching railings your property can look very smart and kerb appeal can be greatly enhanced if the style of your wrought iron gates and railings is chosen carefully.

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