Why wrought iron gates are great for home security

There are many ways you can enhance the security of your home. Some popular options include surveillance cameras, guard dogs, and deadbolt locks on external doors. In addition to these effective security features, you could also install a gate. Whilst a wooden gate may seem a cost-effective choice it may not offer the best protection for your property. It is easier for trespassers and burglars to circumvent wooden gates because the material is weaker and can be forced open quite quickly. Also, having a flat top makes it easier to climb over.

To enhance your home security in the most effective way possible, it would be advisable to install wrought iron gates instead. They are much more difficult to break through, especially when they are fitted with a five lever lock. Trespassers need to gain entry quickly to avoid detection, having to break open a five lever lock will take some time. This leaves them with the option of climbing over the gate instead.

Even so, you could have pointed railheads on top of your gate to deter them. 

Someone who tries to climb over a wrought iron gate with pointed or sharp railheads is going to risk painful injuries. This is a risk they will not want to take. Of course, they could also take more time and care when climbing so as to avoid injury, but again, the more time they spend trying to gain entry the greater the risk of detection. So, if you are considering gates as a means of improving security on your property we would advise you to go as high as your space will allow. Always consider pointed railheads or finials and lastly, invest in a five lever lock. 

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