So, you’ve measured up and done the hard bit of deciding which style to choose for your gates and railings.  Your next task is to request your itemised quote.  That’s easy enough, just contact us by email, Live Chat or give us a call.  But before you pick up the phone or send us a message ask yourself if you have considered everything you need.


Have you considered a lock for your gate?  Our single gates are fitted with a flip latch as standard, but for a little extra you can upgrade this to a slide bolt.  Or, for complete peace of mind you can have a Euro Cylinder Lock fitted.  Supplied with three keys, this elegant lock with rope twist handle is lockable from both sides.  You will need to specify this lock at the time of ordering as it cannot be fitted retrospectively.  That said, we think you’ll be glad you paid that bit extra for the added security it provides.

Our double gates are all supplied with a slide bolt, flip latch and lockable drop bolt as standard.  As with the single gate, for a small additional charge, your double gate can be fitted with a Euro Cylinder Lock.

Decorative Post Tops

It would be wrong for us to say a post top is functional.  In all honesty, it is purely decorative.  But who said everything in life must be purposeful? Sometimes it’s rather nice to have something extra, purely for its aesthetic appeal.  We think our decorative wrought iron style post tops fit that bill.  Whilst there’s nothing wrong with having gate and railing posts in their standard flat top form, why not consider giving them that final flourish by adding a decorative top?  With six styles to choose from it’s likely you will find something that takes your fancy.  If not, tell us what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to source it for you.  Bear in mind that decorative post tops must be specified at the time of ordering your posts as they cannot be fitted retrospectively.

Gate and Railing Posts

Unlike our decorative wrought iron style post tops, we can say with honesty that our gate and railing posts are functional.  Made to order in sturdy materials and dimensions, they add strength and support to your ironworks scheme.  With bolt down or concrete in options available you can choose the application that best suits your layout.  They come with a flat top as standard but both can be finished off with a decorative top.

Our gate posts are made as both hanging and latch posts.  Don’t forget to let us know the direction of the hang and swing of your gate when placing your order so we know how to configure your posts and gate fixings.

Railing posts are available as intermediate, end and corner posts.  As with our gate posts, we manufacture both bolt down and concrete in versions.

Whatever your requirements, if you would like to talk them through just give us a call,  we’re always happy to help.  Anthony, our Technical Director likes nothing better than to share his knowledge and give free advice whether that is about styles, finishes, measurements, dimensions, layouts and more.